What's 'Web Savvy' and Do You Have it?

Advice on SEO and the Differences Between Websites

So what's true WEB SAVVY and does your website have it?
Good question! Let's try to answer in simple terms.

There are plenty of pretty and impressive websites out there when it comes to graphics, animation and the like, but do they get any traffic? After all, the best and simplest indicator of a successful website is constant high levels of free traffic. Have they followed any of the basic rules or advice on SEO?

If you already have a website then you know how hard it is to bring consistent traffic to your site and your business.

Whether you have picked up on it yet, there are basically two types of websites-

  • A website that is an online brochure for the business- about 5-10 pages, providing contact details and a run down of the products/services. (This accounts for the majority of websites- it is not wrong- just not a way to drive high levels of traffic to a website.)
  • A website that as well as doing the above, is customer focused and thinks laterally about different ways the website can educate and help the visitor while also using keywords to full advantage. (A smaller number of websites do this- with high traffic levels- see below)

So what's the big difference between the two and what does it have to with SEO?

  • In nutshell, the first site gets little traffic, or worse still has to consistently pay to get traffic (Using Adwords or other advertising means).
  • The second site has a constant stream of FREE targeted visitors each and every day which consistently grows.

See the images below of the web statistics from 2013 and 2014 of one of our newer websites. Despite many changes to Google algorithms in this time period and limited work being done on this site, traffic and visitors have quadrupled in a 12 month period. (* Note - February stats for 2014 look lower as the screenshot was taken halfway through the month)

How do SEO and Keywords Influence web traffic?

  • Many of the pages on this website rank well (Top 10) in the major search engines-(Google, Bing and Yahoo).
  • It does this by having sufficient CONTENT to draw traffic.
  • It has been designed with each page keyword optimised with carefully selected keywords and images using SEO basics.
  • It is focused on the customer, their needs and wants, and improving their online experience, thus building trust and return visits to the site.

Getting the Online Results You Want from Your Website

Basically, don't be fooled by web designers who offer you flashy graphics or web languages, because WEB SAVVY is a whole lot more than the pretty packaging of your site.

It is about putting your visitors first, providing solid quality content, and understanding basic SEO rules so that you are able to get your pages ranking well in search engines, in order to start bringing that constant stream of visitors, enquiries and sales that we all aim for.

Want to learn more? Perhaps you're ready for one of our web courses, where we teach you all the concepts of building a solid content-based website to drive traffic and sales.

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