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Melbourne, Australia

If you have a website that is underperforming and are thinking about a 'makeover', then our affordable seo services might be just what you need.

Many older websites have been built without any search engine optimisation at all, which explains in part why they don't get much traffic.

With a look at your business niche and existing website, Anyhoodles can help you find sought after keywords, ways to use those keywords so that you get found by the major search engines, and drive continuing traffic to your business.

Why are some SEO Services so expensive?

Yes, we agree that many so-called SEO experts charge like wounded bulls (in the tens of thousands), both to provide their services and run expensive ongoing advertising campaigns.

Yes, search engines are getting smarter, but is not rocket science to bring traffic to websites, like some seo experts would have you believe.

Our philosophy is to 'educate' our clients as we work through the process so that you can understand how and why decisions are being made and keywords chosen.
Some basic SEO advice and a sample website.

Our SEO Services include (but are not limited to)-

  • Finding sought after keywords in within your niche
  • Providing a road-map (blueprint) for you to follow with all of your new keywords
  • Adding new content to your site
  • Using geo local keywords if they are relevant to your business
  • Using other online strategies (beyond adding content to your site) to drive consistent traffic to your site - linking, social media, etc.
  • Working with you to help you understand how our approach works and how you can continue to increase your traffic levels well into the future

Anyhoodles SEO Starter Packages

Anyhoodles SEO Services come in a couple of options:

  • Keyword Starter ($350) - for a full keyword search and building of a blueprint for your site (includes a free one hour consultation, by phone or in person, on how search engine optimisation can assist your current website.)
  • Are You Using Adwords? ($250) - most Adwords campaigns can be improved and tightened by using the keywords we have researched for you, as well as adjusting ad copy, and creating specific Ad Groups. This all works to improve the Click Through Rate of your campaign and give you more 'bang for your buck'. We even track and tweak your adjusted campaign for 2 weeks to ensure it is operating at optimum levels.
  • If your current website is outdated, it might be time for a new one. Our web packages ALL include full keyword research and blueprint creation as standard. 

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