Build An Editable Website

Keeping It Simple

Building your own website using editable website tools gives you complete control over the updates and content on your website, but more importantly saves you the expense of using a webmaster.

You may have already spent thousands on a fancy website that did nothing in terms of traffic, or income. 

I had to learn this the the hard way a few years ago, after forking out big money for a website which I had NO control over. Apart from getting no traffic, and no sales, I constantly had the expense of the webmaster whenever I wanted to make even the tiniest change, and then often had to wait days and days for him to actually do the work.

So what happened? 

Well, eventually I got smart, and found what I think is THE BEST editable website suite of tools and features bar none. Why else would I use it to create all of my own sites and those for my clients?

Site Build It!

So what is so great about Site Build It, and how do I prove to you that it's successful?

I have built three of my own sites using this system, plus somewhere in range of 100 websites for my clients. In the process I have learnt about the importance of 

  • understanding keywords
  • assessing my competition, and making sure I stand out from the crowd
  • writing high quality content pages
  • using social media to help build traffic and links 

I did it the hard way, having to learn as I went, but the process has been simplified for you, with the knowledge now being delivered in a 10 week  Web Development Course based in Melbourne, Australia, especially designed to get your site off the ground at a cracking pace.

So whether you have an existing business that needs a website, or a passion that you could write about, an editable website is the way to create that online web presence that you need, and you can be in control of the process right from the ground up. Best of all you'll have complete control and you can edit your website once a week, or ten times a day.

If you are interested in finding out more about creating a profitable website, then give us a call on 1300 784 616, or sign up for our quarterly mailout, for upcoming dates and class details.

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