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Improve Your Google Rank and Increase Your Traffic

Gaining a Google website ranking has become a bit like the holy grail of having a website. But how do you do it?

There are more search engines than just Google. Bing and Yahoo are the two other major players, so why don't people talk about getting a Bing Ranking?

Google delivers roughly 5 times more traffic than either of its nearest rivals, and is simply used by more people, which is why Google results are all important to website owners.

You can get your website on the first page of Google by paying for online ads through Google Adwords, but this involves a constant source of funds being available for advertising. See more about this on our article for local business websites.

Organic search results, are what we should all attain to.

See the results (right) for a search for 'Melbourne web course' - an important keyword for the Anyhoodles website. The result is a No.3 ranking out of over 5 million results. Organic Google listings (yes that's them on the left hand side) whenever you do a Google search, especially within the Top 10, mean a constant stream of FREE traffic to that page of your website.

How to Rank High in Google

If you can find your website at Google by typing in your business name, well that's great for people who already know your business, but what about all those others who don't yet know how great your business is or that you even exist?

What we are hoping to achieve online is to attract potential customers/clients, who are searching for what you do.

What you do, your service, your product, is commonly known as your niche. This is where we find a pool of keywords that people are using to search for you, well maybe not you specifically, but what you do. This is important to understand, so let's use a landscape gardener as an example.

There are two parts to the process-

1. The landscape gardener needs to search for keywords that people are using online to search for his/her services. Keywords might be: cheap landscape gardener, Melbourne landscape gardener, landscape gardening services, garden landscape design, garden landscaping Melbourne.

You can see that all of these keywords are similar- but they are not all the same. There are many different ways that people are searching for these services. Now that the gardener knows this, the keywords can be used across the website content- preferably in a way so that each page has a keyword focus.

2. Part two is a longer term strategy, but vital to getting those Top 10 Google rankings. Your website, even with a great set of keywords that are all related to your niche, stills needs some Inpointing / Inbound Links so that the search engines take more notice of your website.  

Your Linking Strategy needs to gradually build a range of links coming into your website from related websites, directories, related blogs and forums, social media... and the list goes on! This needs to happen over time, and from a variety of sources.

As you can see, achieving good results at the search engines, Google in particular, is not hard- it just takes some work and persistance. You may never get found for your main offering, but it is all the different ways people enter keywords (known as the Long Tail) which provides the best keywords to drive good Google results for your business website.

Anyhoodles proudly build only search engine optimised websites, and can also offer assistance with setting up social media accounts for you.

Nicole O'Reilly

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