Keyword Research - Why You Should Not Be Using The Google Keyword Planner 

Finding the Right Online Tools for Keyword Research

So you know you need unique and interesting web content for your website, and you know you need to use relevant keywords- but how do you find them? 

Researching keywords for your website is key step that many businesses miss as they charge headlong into creating their first website. They create their website with keywords that they have ‘guessed’ searchers are using, or even worse built a website without keywords at all. 

If this describes you, not to worry- you are not alone, and the only way from here is up!

What You Can Get from the Keyword Planner

With Google tools being free and easy to access many people fall into the trap of using the Google Keywords Planner (what used to be called the Google Keywords Tool) 

The Keyword Planner was created for advertisers and thus the results it brings are relevant for online advertisers and only bring limited data for those us who are looking to publish quality content that is keyword optimised.

With the Keyword Planner you can 

  • Understand related sets of keywords
  • Gain information on the approximate value of keywords (for advertising)
  • Find out whether keywords are highly competitive for advertisers
  • Add keywords into your Online Advertising Campaigns – once you have a campaign you can see impressions, click throughs, ad ranking

What You Actually Need from Keyword Research

As someone who wants to research quality keywords for your website you want to be able get data on 

  • Keywords– this should include long tail searches as well as lateral keywords so that you can create a plan that includes varied sets of keywords that are important to your business niche
  • How many searches there were in the last month
  • How much competition there is in terms of online content (not the volume of other advertisers competing on that keyword) 

There are Tools Available to do the Job

There are online keyword research tools available that can bring you the data you need as a provider of quality online content.

The downside is you will need to pay for these services, but if you think about the value that they provide to your business, then it is money well spent.

Online Keyword Research Tools to Consider

  • Wordtracker - monthly or yearly subscription for keyword and seo tool
  • SBI Solo Build It - monthly or yearly subscription for keyword tools which form a part of a fully integrated website and business-building system
  • Bizxpress – new plugin for Wordpress

Once you’ve sourced keywords be sure to work them into a blueprint of some kind so that you can create a content strategy for your website. Be sure that you know how to use your keywords in web optimized pages so as to make the most of your keyword research.

Anyhoodles specialise in researching keyword, blueprint creation and the building of high quality websites for small business - if you need help just give us a shout on 1300 784 845 or online.

By Nicole O'Reilly

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