Is Your Local Business Online?

Getting in Front of Your Customers

Is your local business online?
If not, do you know where most of your customers or clients are coming from?
Perhaps you advertise in the local newspaper with negligible results. Or perhaps your sole form of advertising is a small Yellow Pages ad with no way of tracking how much business it is bringing you?

Does your newspaper ad or Yellow Pages ad do the following...

  • Attract hundreds, or even thousands, of visitors per day?
  • PREsell prospective customers before they call you?
  • Develop new relationships, increase loyalty and repeat business?
  • Take clients away from competitors with high quality information?
  • Develop new ways to profit from your unique skills and knowledge?
  • Update frequently and reach your clients with seasonal specials?
  • Open new markets globally, yes even if you are a small local business?
  • Get their undivided attention? With a website you have visitors total attention unlike a crowded Yellow Pages page!

You may be forgiven for thinking that the internet or your own website (if you have one), offers little in the way of opportunities for local businesses with a customer base centred in a small geographic area. After all, the Web is a "global medium" with worldwide reach. Or perhaps you've spent thousands of dollars on a flashy website with lots of gee whizz factor but it has brought you zero results in terms of leads or sales.

Online things have been changing rapidly...

With the arrival of Google and Yahoo Local Searches your potential clients are no longer letting their fingers do the walking and are dropping those awkward Yellow Pages paper books like hot potatoes in favor of search engines. It's just as convenient to do a search for "lawn care Richmond" online. And if you don't find one in Richmond, widen the search to "lawn care Melbourne". 

And it's not just potential clients who are becoming more and more net savvy. More and more local businesses are coming online. They are discovering that the internet can be used to:

  • Build trust and deepen relationships with existing local customers
  • Raise their local profile above that of competitors
  • Promote locally and take customers from competitors
  • Keep in touch with customers through online newsletters and social media 
  • Build targeted traffic and even add entirely new income streams
  • Leverage your local expertise and knowledge for a global market

Think of a website as a Fully Loaded Yellow Pages Ad. Not only does this ad deliver 100 times the results at a fraction of the price but if YOUR small local business does not have a web presence already to promote itself, keep in touch with its customers and extend its reach, your COMPETITORS WILL before long that's if they don't already.

Whatever your local business may be, your reach and your impact with a website is much, much bigger than a 4" x 2" Yellow Pages ad. 

Right now a prospective customer is at Google...Will yours be the business that is found?

Despite the overwhelming advantages of a website, most small local businesses have at least one Yellow Pages ad, but they do not have a website. (Or if they do, their sites are dying from a lack of traffic and results.)

That is all about to change...

Even if your business is primarily driven by local clientele, you might still be able to survive without a website for the next short while. But local businesses are catching on. Keep in mind that more and more consumers find those big, heavy paper Yellow Pages too inconvenient and limiting, it can all be done on the convenience of a mobile phone or a tablet. It's so much easier and flexible to use Google and other Search Engines. People are already comfortable with doing things online and already, most businesses and homes are using broadband with 24/7 high-speed internet access.

What is preventing you from starting and building a thriving online presence that will help you to grow your offline local business and add new income streams to it?

No budget? We can show you how to get so much more than the limited value of a Yellow Pages ad.

No ability? Yes, HTML coding and search engine mastery, and all the technical stuff can be crushing. We eliminate the need for all that.

No knowledge? The only knowledge you need is your business and your customers. Leave the rest to us.

If you have already been thinking about a website, Anyhoodles can help you to overcome these hurdles. It may save you months of going down the wrong road. Or if you have already tried and failed (and think that "the internet doesn't work for small business"), it's time to start again. You can overcome the barriers no matter what your circumstances whether you are a...

  • Starting a serious new business on the internet?
  • Want to sell your services online?
  • Using your Website to boost your offline business?
  • Building a business from home for additional revenue?

Whatever your e-commerce goals and expectations are, you'll find what over 100,000 others already know and proclaim SBI (also known as Solo Build It- our exclusive web partner) OVERdelivers. Doing business online successfully should be as easy as...

1) Delivering good products or services that people need or want.

2) Build sites that PREsell (warm visitors to your products/services) and then sell.

3) Attract targeted traffic cost-effectively.

4) Automating procedures as you grow.

By doing that you'll beat larger, high-profile companies. That's SBI's job (and our job)... to help you become a world-class business online and put you on the same footing as multi-million dollar enterprises.

What are you waiting for?

Anyhoodles specialise in producing Solo Build It! websites, designed to drive traffic to your small business. 

We can build a site for you, or train you to create and manage your own website having full control over updates and content.

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