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Does Your Small Business Have an Online Presence

My business does not need a website!

This is a statement I often hear when speaking with small businesses such as the local organic fruit and vegetable store or the mechanic around the corner. These business owners think that their businesses are too small (perhaps only consisting of 2-3 staff) and their customers are all locals who know they are there anyway.

My reaction to this is if you have a business, you SHOULD have a website.

No question about it.

Irrespective of whether your customers walk in off the street or you advertise in the local newspapers.

local business websites can bring more customers and clients to your door

But I Don't Sell Anything, so How can my Business Benefit from Having a Local Business Website? 

Even if you don't sell anything online a website can serve a valuable purpose.

It can be an opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with existing customers and to offer more information about the business that customers may not be aware of or would never think of asking about. For instance, let's say you run an organic food store you could have a page on the benefits of organic food and provide recipies for smoothies and fruit juices. Or you are a financial planner and have a page of tips on investing or reducing tax.

Any business can increase their bottom line just by providing quality information which is of value to their clientele. A website can be used to establish credibility and improve the reputation of your business. It is an essential part of any business and yours is no different...

Highly regarded internet research groups such as Jupiter predict that the number of people online will grow at a rate of 30% to 50% over the next few years. This fact alone should be enough to persuade you that your business should have a website presence.

Getting Your Small or Local Business Website found by the Search Engines

It is not enough to just have a website. You need to have a website that your local customers will be able to find with the search engines when they search for local products and services.

You can have the flashiest looking site but if people are not finding your website you may as well not have one. But hey being a business owner you know that already!

Get your small business website working for you as an online marketing tool, which drives constant free traffic to you. This is the difference between just throwing up a website, and using a web consultant who can assist in getting your business in the organic listings at the search engines. It takes both an understanding of keywords, and how search engine optimisation works. 

It doesn't matter if you are a small business with only 2 or 3 people. If you don't have a website, you're losing business to your competitors who may already be harnessing the internet.

Just take a look at the variety of local businesses in our Gallery who have created websites using our unique online software.

Local Businesses Making Use of Websites

Is your business like one of those below? Then you need a web presence in the form of a local business website!

Talk to Anyhoodles today about how we can assist your local business to get found online.

Alternative Health & Therapists
Auto Mechanics & Electricians
Builders & Building Supplies
Car Hire
Car Detailers
Car Repairs
Car Sales
Chemists & Pharmacists
Childcare Centres
Chinese Medicine
Cleaners & Cleaning Supplies
Clothing Repairs
Clothing Stores
Computer Hardware Engineers
Computer Repairs
Computer Software Engineers
Computer Support Specialists
Crafts & Childrens Games
Database Administrators
Desktop Publishers
Educational Institutions & Schools
Electrical Engineers
Electronic Stores & Suppliers
Employment & Recruitment Services
Financial Advisors & Economists
Fitness Instructors
Graphic Designers
Hair Stylists & Salons
Hardware Stores
Hobby Stores & Hobbyists
Home Business & Home Workers
Home Supplies
Information Technology
Jewellers & Jewellery Supplies
Landscape Architects
Law Firms Lawyers
Licensed Venues, Bars & Nightclubs
Organic Food Stores
Medical Supplies
Mentors & Life Coaches
Party Supplies
Pet Stores & Supplies
Professional Athletes
Real Estate Agents
Recreation and Fitness Workers
Recreational therapists
Retail Outlets
School Suppliers
Social Workers
Tour Guides
Travel Agents
Vets & Veterinarians
Wedding Supplies & Planners
Writers & Editors

If your small business is ready to have a web presence, then check out our Web Packages and arrange a free one hour consultation to discuss how we can help you to get found online.

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