Do You Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

More and more internet users are using their mobile phones to both search and buy products and services online so making sure you  have a mobile friendly website is becoming more and more important. 

If you're one of those who thinks that your visitors are not using mobile, then you need to look at web statistics over the last couple of years which show usage increasing to the point that 50% of web users are using a mobile device. 

Bottom line, yes it is going to take the investment of some time and money, but without a website that views cleanly on mobile and tablet devices you are losing business. 

Just Get Started..

To get started you simply need to have a conversation with your web developer or professional, or if you have a self-built website ask in your forum, or through support as to what is in place for creating a mobile friendly website for your small business. 

You might not know the right questions to ask, but by simply getting started you will start to learn what the considerations are. 

How To Make A Website Mobile Friendly?

To make your website easier to view on mobile devices you have a couple of options

  • build a mobile friendly version of your website
  • rebuild your whole website with a responsive design that adjusts to the device it is displaying on

Either way you need to consider how your website is going to view all the way from large format tvs, to tablets and smart phones, and think about 'future proofing' your website. 

Changes to Consider

Depending on the layout of your website there are various changes to consider. A starting point is to view your current website on a couple of different mobile devices and see which material is extraneous or causing the pages to look cluttered. 

Some other considerations

  • shift left hand navigation to top
  • hide/shift right hand column content
  • make buttons larger
  • increase text size
  • create a clickable phone number
  • put your contact information in an easy to locate position

Showing Ads

If you have adsense ads displaying on your website you can still show them on the mobile version of your website, but you will need to make sure the ads are responsive to screen size that they are showing on. For this to occur there a special set of adsense codes that will need to be added to your website

If you are currently running an Adwords campaign - yes that's online ads, then check that your ads are optimized for mobile as well. You can add 'click to call' to your ads-meaning users can with the click of a button be phoning your business! keep in mind if you are paying for online advertising, what are visitors landing on when they click on your mobile ads? 

**Final word - remember the old adage to 'Keep It Simple' - there is limited screen space on mobile so use it wisely!

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