Online Image Sources

Finding Affordable Graphics for Your Website

If you are wanting to add images to your website there are a number of good online image sources, depending on your budget and whether you need to use images with copyright permission. We recommend always using images with copyright permission as it will prevent you being sued for copyright infringement which starts in the range of $1000 per image.

You have a couple of options regarding images, you can:

  • provide your own
  • find free images online
  • use paid images from the web
  • become an affiliate to give you access to free images while also the ability to make money from them

Providing Your Own Images

Providing your own images, from your own work portfolio, your experiences is a good start as it means that your site will reflect YOU and your business.

The problem can be with finding a continuous source of images, and images of things not in your own collection. Time to use the power of the web...

Free Online Images

There are a couple of great free image websites, most are for photography buffs, giving a huge range of subjects which you can search for using keywords.

If you are using someone elses work, always check the copyright policy and/or the license agreement first. These should be easy to find on any of the major stock photography websites and can differ between artists.

  • Stock.xchng -also links to Stockexpert for paid images.

Affordable Online Images

Paid photos online usually start from $0.60-$5 for small images. Larger images can go up to $50 per image. These images are referred to as being 'stock images'. To get started at any of the following stock photography websites generally you will need to create an account and buy $20 or more worth of credits which you can then use at you leisure. 

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer you can also apply to have your images in the gallery and then get paid when others want to use them!

  • istockphoto- probably the largest online site for stock photography, illustrations and videos, but also one of the more expensive.
  • 123rf - close to 10,000,000 royalty stock free photos, icons and vectors.
  • Dreamstime - huge collection of stock photography, some freebies.

Affiliate Sites

Another option can be to sign up as an affiliate of the major art or poster websites. It means you have free use of their entire gallery of images and can earn commissions when your visitors make a purchase.

Some of the above stock image websites also have affiliate programs, but you will still have to pay for images that you want to use. - over 500,000 images (and prints) for you to display, buy or have others buy earning you affiliate income. large range of images to use on your site and to promote poster, canvas and apparel sales.

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