Pinterest for Your Small Business

Adding Pinterest to Your Social Media Mix

I know what you're thinking.. another social media platform to keep up with.
I just can't do it! ( I have to admit at first I avoided Pinterest too, but after jumping on board I can't believe how easy, and fun it is to use!)

Before you decide against using Pinterest for your small business, how about I give you the low down on this (not so new) social media site that is growing at astronomical pace! ( over 70 million users Jan 2014). 

If your business has lots of images on your website, or you sell products then Pinterest is a great way to share them..

Pinterest for your small business

What is Pinterest and How Do I Use It?

Pinterest allows you to 'pin' items onto a virtual pinboard, enabling you to easily share images/products and stuff that you find on the web.

What makes Pinterest different to Facebook and Twitter is that it is super easy to 'Pin' items or re-pin other peoples images to your own collections, and once you have done so, these 'posts' last for a long time. In both Facebook and Twitter your posts and/or comments quickly disappear as more current news is posted.

As a small business you can share..

  • images of products
  • slideshows
  • audio clips
  • videos

How to Represent Your Business on Pinterest

Similar to Facebook and Twitter you have the option to represent your business with a more personal 'front', or with a more corporate / businesslike approach.

This will influence the sorts of items you pin. In a more relaxed personable approach you might also pin recipes, animals, clothing patterns or whatever other items are of interest to you personally.

This has the benefit of showing you as a whole person, not just a business. Ultimately the choice is yours!

The Potential Benefits of Pinterest for Business

The biggest benefit of Pinterest is the referral traffic that it generates for websites compared to other social media websites.

What does this mean to small businesses?

In short, more people are clicking through from a Pinterest pin to actually find your business and your services/products, which gives you a greater opportunity to 'make the sale'!

Your own 'pins' can be repinned over and over as they are found by new people, giving them the potential to have a long online life.

Putting Pinterest to Work

The most important aspect of Pinterest is in the display of unique and engaging images. If you are a product based business this is easy, but even service sellers can get creative with

  • 'how to' videos/images
  • infographics
  • holiday /seasonal information

Don't forget to use engaging 'keywords' to draw people to your pins as well, as they can be indexed by the search engines!

Pinterest can be shared amongst your other networking efforts, so soon your Facebook and Twitter followers can also be following you on Pinterest, and re-pinning your images to their own networks. The way that 'pins' are organised is by creating boards. One board for each topic/range of products. It is both easy and fun!

See the sample account below for an idea..

Pinterest account showing 'boards' for individual topics, number of pins, likes and followers.

Getting Started

Go to the Pinterest website and create an account then select a few niches that you're interested in. It's that easy, now you can start creating your own pins, or re-pinning other content that interests you.

You can also follow, like and comment on pins.

Don't forget to go to the Settings (under your profile) to add your website.

If you are like me and a 'visual learner', there is the potential to spend all day in here looking at all the gorgeous images! Don't say I didn't warn you!

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