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The use of RSS,  known as Really Simple Syndication has increased over the past few years to the point where it can't have escaped your notice. As an online business owner, you may still be unaware of the advantages of content syndication to your business.

Using RSS, you can produce a live feed of your latest information and products that can be syndicated by other website owners. This effectively places an advertisement for your business on any number of websites.

But how do you convince website owners to display your RSS feed on their website?

There are two main methods of distributing your feed to website owners.

The most effective is to provide interesting, amusing, unique or themed products. Many website owners like to display the latest gadget or novelty that relates to their site's theme and will likely syndicate your feed if you provide products that interest them and their visitors.

An example of successful use of this type of RSS feed can be seen at The developers have listed their latest products on the right-hand side of the page, with a link to the RSS feed of the same information below.

If your business provides a service rather than a specific product, you should concentrate on producing an RSS feed of industry news or other interesting information. This is the second effective method of distribution.

You can attach an advertisement for your business to the news feed, which will be displayed alongside the information content.

With content syndication, both your business and website owners benefit. The website owner receives fresh content to display on their website and you, the online business owner, receives exposure.

You can create your own RSS feed easily using a service such as FeedForAll.

You can easily set up your RSS Feed on your own website as well, giving your visitors the option to 'follow you' by adding your feed to their selected reader. They will then receive updates whenever you make changes to your website. Anyhoodles include an RSS and integrated Blog Page on all of our website packages.

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