Sample Websites

Students, Clients & Our Own Websites

Our growing number of graduates of the course 'Building a Successful Business Using the Internet' are working hard on their websites which we have now started adding to their own student gallery.

You can also read testimonials from previous course participants, with more being added each couple of months as we complete a course.

Our own profitable websites are built with the same web technology that we use to build and to teach and we are constantly being asked about them.

You can see that they are quite simple in design, yet VERY effective in gaining search engine results, resulting in high levels of traffic. 

Kids Games Central - Families

Kids Games Central commenced in 2005 and is designed to be a comprehensive resource for parents of children aged 0-8 years old.

It features areas on Festive Activities, Kids Parties, Indoor and Outdoor Play as well as Kids Online and a Toys Buying Guide.

It earns passive income from several affiliate programs and advertising.

Shipping Container Living - Sustainability/Alternative Architecture

Shipping Container Living, a relatively new site, was started late in 2012, and focuses on alternative architecture in the form of shipping containers, which are being used worldwide as modular units for building.

Organic traffic is already above 200 visitors a day

Long-term plans involve e-products as well as the promotion of complementing sustainable products.

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