Sitesell Review - Why Choose SBI?

Your Online 'Business in a Box'

A friend recently asked me about Site Build It (also known as SBI or Sitesell) and precisely why I used it to build my own sites as well as to build websites for my clients.

After spending a whole lot of time chatting with her, I decided to write up this Sitesell Review outlining what I see as being the great and not-so-great things about Site Build It. I have used the Site Build It system now for over 8 years so I should know!

Sitesell /SBI Review

If you are looking for a review of web hosting services, then you should probably look elsewhere, because Site Build It is so much more than a domain and hosting company.

In a nutshell they provide a full suite of tools:

  • to build a high traffic website
  • a promotional and marketing process
  • all the training materials (video and written) to help you do it

I would call it an 'online business in a box' - but be warned, results will not come without consistent effort. Just like any other business venture really!


The Site Build It process is comprehensive, perhaps too comprehensive for some- if you hate reading manuals or watching help videos then it might not be for you.

For those who prefer to learn with a coach SBI now have available

  • Sitesell Professionals - have your site built for you 
  • Sitesell University (in selected locations) - learn how to build your own site over 10 weeks

Why don't we get down to specifics, in terms of the tools available..

Sitesell Tools

Sitesell provide complete web hosting, that is a complete suite of tools to help you build a high traffic, profitable website. Here are the stand-out features:

  • The 'Brainstorm' tool, allows you to do just that; Brainstorm your selected niche, or even compare a couple of ideas, and to identify high demand keywords.
    This tool is the 'grunt' behind successful SBI websites, as well-written content, based on niche-related keywords is the lifeblood for traffic from the search engines. Ever heard the quote 'Content is King!'?
    I don't know who the author was, but it is absolutely true in the internet world.
  • So once you know your keywords and have an idea of how your site will fit together, what about page building?
    You don't need to know Dreamweaver, Java, CSS, or HTML. You can easily build your webpages just by typing your content and pasting it into their page builder. Likewise for computer geeks you can use any of the above web tools to upload your own html.
    The clever 'Analyze It' tool automatically helps you to keep the search engines happy by using your main 'keyword' correctly throughout your page.
  • Once you know how to build pages, you'll be thinking about Marketing and Promotion. 'Building a list' of warm and interested visitors to whom you can market to via email.
    Site Build It has a built it Ezine Builder- allowing people to easily opt in to your mailout, with a secure database that SBI looks after for you. The same goes for Forms- contact, enquiries, signing up for courses- you name it and you can customise a form for your visitors to use.

One of the genuine positives about Site Build It is that they are customer focused, and in their interest to have their clients be successful they are always adding new tools, and upgrading existing ones at no cost to their clients.

Content 2.0 is included in the price- let your visitors help to build the content and branding of your site by contributing and sharing.

They are currently integrating a whole new set of design templates (which are completely customisable) and an even easier to use web page builder called BB2 (block builder 2).

Sitesell In Review

If you haven't yet got the picture, there is work involved, yes lots of it, but Solo Build It differs from other web hosting companies in that they help you to build a 'profitable online business' not just a website.

If you have tried building a website elsewhere and had problems with hosting, plugins, or having a guide of any kind- then Solo Build It is an integrated system which guides you each step of the way and provides highly reliable hosting without the hassles. The skills that you learn give you the ability to build multiple websites. 

I have three websites of my own, as well as the dozens I have built for my clients, two of them are generating a substantial passive income, with the other is still in growth phase. Now that I know the process, the web-building part is easy!

There are a large number of Sitesell Case Studies, in a wide variety of fields- local business, art and craft, e-goods, travel, WAHM (work-at-home-mum), infopreneur and more. Read some of them here.

In review, to get the best results with Sitesell you need to be motivated and in it for the long term- it is not Get Rich Quick, and no it is not for everyone.

If you can bring B.A.M to the table- Brain, Attitude and Motivation then you can build a successful SBI website too.

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