Small Business Web Development Services

Think About Your Business Needs

Does your small business need a website upgrade, or a new website?

If you are in the market for small business web development services, you might need to ask yourself the question;

"Exactly what web services do I need?"

  • Do I just need a web designer?

    - someone to 'design' a stylish website, or
  • Do I need web development services- someone (or a group of people) that can deliver 

    - search engine optimisation
    - online marketing
    - social networking
    - web 2.0 ideas
    - online linking strategies
    - and design services

A bit of difference between the two isn't there!

small business web development services

Choosing the Right Web Professional(s)

If you've already used a web designer to have a website built, then you'll already know that many of them know very little about search engine optimisation (seo), or how to source quality keywords for you to use on your website. 

My role (as an SEO specialist) now extends to contracting my services to my 'web design' associates whose clients have specifically requested SEO Services.

Web designers, even though they don't have SEO skills, are still able to keep the client, by having a specialist (like me) on their 'team'. More importantly, the client is happy because they have identifed that being 'visible' on the web is just as important as having a good looking website, and are able to achieve this within their budget.

When you are examining prices for website packages- decide what your budget needs to cover, your entire spend should not be going on the 'design' of your website, as the above-mentioned elements are just as important for a long-term approach to a successful website for your business.

Try and think of your website in the long term- right now you might only want 5 or 10 pages, but down the line do you see the possibility of adding Web 2.0, a customer database, social media profiles, promotional tools or other extras. Talk to your potential 'web professionals' using your checklist to see what they and their selected website editor can deliver into the future.

Anyhoodles based in Melbourne, Australia provide affordable web design development services- with a focus on consistent traffic growth, and creating websites that will work to add to your bottom line.

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