Choosing from the many Wordpress Website Themes

Understanding the Different Types of Wordpress Theme

If you’ve decided to build your site with Wordpress, then choosing from the thousands of Wordpress website themes can become a task that gets you stuck in the building phase of your website if you don't have some 'shopping criteria' to work with. 

Here's a way to know what to look for, and to shop for a theme with some confidence..

The first thing to understand is that in essence there are two types of Wordpress themes

Once we've reviewed the two types of themes we can consider the main criteria in selecting the perfect Wordpress theme for your business.

Free Wordpress Themes

You may be attracted to free themes if you are on a budget, or just getting started and not wanting to spend money on theme that you may not stick with. A free Wordpress theme may suit you perfectly provided it has styling that fits your business and audience and you do not need to make too many changes.  

One thing to look out for with free Wordpress themes is how much customization is available and whether you have the following constraints

  • Customisation – can be more technical than you might think. Often requires technical knowledge (CSS or PHP)
  • Terms of Service - free templates often come with links back to designer or to other websites - so read them carefully before installing your theme

Premium Wordpress Themes

Premium Themes generally come from a design company or agency. This often comes with a level of support when working with a theme, as well as the added bonus in that they are often built within a ‘framework’ (like Genesis) which means customisations are easier and are undertaken with tools rather than requiring knowledge of CSS or PHP. 

Themes built with a framework offer

  • The ability to easily customize without coding knowledge
  • Improved security
  • Plugins available that work specifically within that framework

Your Criteria When Looking at Themes

There are some main criteria to consider when shopping for a Wordpress website theme, or template. 

  • Main Styling - you will find different styles of template for different business types. Select a clean and simple style that suits your industry and will work well with your logo. 
  • Functionality - look for a design that allows you the functionality to make modifications and drop in and adjust the placement for widgets for sliders, galleries and so on without difficulty. Before selecting a Wordpress theme, you should have devoted some time to making a list of the features that your website will have, and to investigate how many of them can be easily managed by each theme you are considering.
  • Compatibility - look for themes that work across multiple platforms- desktop, mobile and tablet  as well as displaying cleanly on varying browsers. A mobile/tablet friendly theme will be marked as 'responsive', as it displays in a different way in response to the device it is being viewed on.

StudioPress and Mojo Themes are two examples of Theme developers who provide support alongside a range of stylish Wordpress themes. If you purchase a commercial or premium theme and are concerned about installing it, or making customisations, then you can get a web expert, like Anyhoodles to take care of it for you. 

We exclusively use Studiopress themes for the benefits of working within the Genesis Framework giving superior stability, security and elegant designs. - Genesis Themes for Wordpress

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